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Stay Safe This Winter with a Trouble Bag

December 30th, 2016

So your vehicle’s well-maintained with a good heater, wipers, great winter tires, fresh coolant and the whole deal…but you still need to be prepared for the worst Winter Tires in Anchorage AKin an Anchorage, AK winter. Here’s some ideas for a well-stocked trouble bag for your car:

--Flashlight and batteries: that one’s self-explanatory.

--Blanket, gloves, sweater, cap: If you’re stranded, this can make the difference between life and death. Consider a metallic space blanket to save a little room.

--Charged-up cell phone: You can maybe just keep a cheap prepaid “burner phone” in the vehicle; they usually have a really long battery life compared to a smartphone. At least keep a charged-up power bank on hand.


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