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Keep Your RV In Shape

August 25th, 2016

An RV is built on a medium truck chassis, and of course has many of the same maintenance needs as any truck – tire pressure, oil changes, brake service, RV Maintenance in Anchorage AK transmission service, cooling system service, etc.

It also has many of the same features as a mobile home or a house, and those systems can get complicated and need special maintenance during the off months. Here’s a brief rundown of things to stay on top of:

--Water infiltration is a big problem, especially on older RVs. Constantly be on the lookout for signs of leakage, especially around the edges and corners of the roof. Also keep an eye out for signs of mice that may have decided to make a home in your RV.

--Don’t neglect your gasoline generator. Change the oil every 150 hours or as recommended by the owner’s manual, and change the air filter as well.

--RV chassis filter such as hydraulic or desiccant filters should be examined every year and changed if needed. If any water vapor is seen in the air system, change the desiccant filter.

--Electrical hookups in RV parks can be sketchy. A surge protector and voltage monitor can be a good idea to protect y our appliances and computer from voltage that is too low or too high.

--Be as diligent about maintenance of your plumbing and electrical system as you would with your house. The last thing you want is a leak, either from plumbing or the roof, and a mold buildup that can be near impossible to eradicate.

The older the RV, the more maintenance it’s going to need…but there are plenty of older RVs on the road that are still running strong and still nice on the inside. When your RV needs service, we hope you’ll think of us at Alignment Center and Alaska Car & Truck in Anchorage!  

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