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Firestone Tire Sales in Anchorage, AK

Firestone Tires Anchorage, Alaska

Originally based in Akron, OH, Firestone Tire & Rubber opened their doors way back in 1900, manufacturing pneumatic tires for wagons, carriages, and buggies. It wasn’t long before founder Harvey Firestone saw the potential for the automotive tire market, and soon Firestone was friends with Henry Ford and the company became a pioneer in the mass production of tires.

Over the years, Firestone grew to become an international company, with defense contracts and an amazing track record of innovations in tire technology and manufacturing. Firestone was purchased by Bridgestone Tire & Rubber in 1988, giving both companies a greater distribution system, dealer network and product development process.

The Firestone Destination LE2At Alignment Center and Alaska Car & Truck, we’re proud dealers of Firestone tires, with top sellers such as:

  • The Firestone Fuel Fighter, a low-rolling-resistance all-season tire with an amazing 70,000-mile treadwear warranty. The Fuel Fighter’s innovative tread formulation is designed for maximum fuel economy while delivering great traction on wet or dry pavement and excellent ride, handling, and road manners.
  • The Turanza is an all-season tire that’s designed for true touring performance…quiet, great ride quality, straight-line stability on the highway and excellent steering response and cornering.
  • The Destination LE2 is designed for light trucks and SUVs, with circumferential tread grooves to evacuate water, zigzag sipes for traction in winter conditions and an innovative spiral wrap encircling the whole tire to help it maintain its original shape at high speeds.
  • For winter driving, it’s hard to beat the Blizzak for a combination of winter traction and touring tire-style performance. It features an innovative tread compound that stays flexible at low temperatures, along with an optimized tread footprint and zigzag 3D sipes that dig into snow and slush for real winter traction.

What do you drive? A late model sedan or a vintage ride? A minivan, SUV, crossover or light truck? Whatever it is that gets you from point A to point B, make an appointment with us at Alignment Center and Alaska Car & Truck in Anchorage, AK…we’re positive we’ve got a set of Firestone tires for you, and at a price point you (and your checking account) will love!