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Tire Care in Anchorage, AK

Here are a few tips on how to make your tires last longer.
Get the most out of your tires.

Most people tend to take their tires for granted…as long as everything’s going fine. Like everything else on your vehicle, however, your tires can benefit from routine maintenance. That includes things like:

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Tire valve


Tire inflation: Did you know that your tires naturally lose air, due to the porosity of the rubber and the valve stem? It may be very gradual, but it happens. Underinflated tires are stressed and weakened, and result in poor fuel economy due to increased rolling resistance. Tire inflation should be checked while the tires are cold, since air expands when heated. Check your owner’s manual for proper inflation levels, or check the placard on the door frame of the vehicle.


Tire Rotation
Tire rotation:
No vehicle has even weight distribution from front to rear, and the physics of cornering and braking tend to put extra wear and stress on front tires. That’s why it’s important that your tires’ positions be switched every 5-7,000 miles for proper, even tire wear. Failing to rotate tires regularly can cause them to wear prematurely…and will
void a tire warranty.


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Wheel alignment: If you’ve got poor wheel alignment, it means that one tire is trying to steer the vehicle in another direction all the time and is getting dragged down the highway by the other tires. That will scrub the tread away from that tire along its inside or outside edge, as well as compromising your fuel economy due to heightened friction and rolling resistance.



Do yourself a favor. Along with observing these tire maintenance tips, take a good look at your tires from time to time. Check the inflation once a month and inspect the sidewalls for cracks, bulges or signs of damage. Run a hand along the tread surface to feel for irregular wear. Keep an eye out for glass, nails or other foreign objects in the tread. Your tires will thank you!  


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